Real Assets –

In a low-interest environment, building wealth can be difficult – investing in real assets can offer a successful alternative.

Commercial real estate and renewable energy in particular are still offering attractive returns. Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) enable even private investors to participate in ambitious projects like commercial real estate in Sydney, New York and Vienna. AIFs are regulated investment vehicles supervised by the German federal financial regulator (BaFin).

AIFs allow numerous individual investors to pool their capital in a single fund, through which they can participate in the success of large-scale real estate or renewable energy investments previously only accessible to large investors. Only a few individuals in the world would have the ability to acquire such sizable assets as, say, a modern office building in Manhattan, on their own.

By pooling capital, individual investors have the chance to participate in large-scale profits even without the requisite fortune. It should be noted, however, that investments in such projects are often long-term and can tie up capital for several years. More information on investment in real assets can be found at

We’re currently launching an AIF for investments in Australian office properties. Stay tuned for more details.

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