EURAMCO Asset Management

We are continuing our 18-year success story under a new name.

Originally founded as a subsidiary of the state bank of Saxony (Landesbank Sachsen) under the name “SachsenFonds,” we operate today as EURAMCO (European Asset Management Company). With our new name, we are charting our own course. Our headquarters have always been in southern Germany, and our roots remain in Munich.

Our association with Landesbank Sachsen ended in 2007. Since then, we have operated as an independent arm of the KanAm Group, one of the world’s largest non-captive players in international real estate and asset management. Because we are engaged around the world, finding a name that is easier to pronounce for our partners in the US, Australia and Central Europe was long overdue. EURAMCO is the result.



Geschäftsführung der EURAMCO Asset Management

With decades of experience and the passionate commitment of our employees, we make investments successful. Our actions are driven by transparency and sustainability. We manage our assets with a focus on profit not only for our investors, but also for the environment and society as a whole.

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Diligence, sustainability, transparency and reliability are the foundations of our success.

Our processes are customer-oriented and designed with a long-term outlook in mind. In our daily work, we rely on quality management processes that have proven themselves many times over in practical application. A team of highly-qualified specialists boasting many years of expertise guarantees the professional completion of all tasks with which we are entrusted.

Our communication is characterized by transparency and practical interface management. We also achieve high service quality with precisely structured processes supported by certified IT programs. It goes without saying that we apply the highest security standards to the IT systems we use.

Since 1999, we have handled the asset and fund management operations and investor service for all of our closed-end investment funds. In 2005, we expanded our asset management activities to also cover professional investors. Additionally, we offer management services for tangible asset funds launched by third parties. 2005 also saw us successfully execute the first property sales prior to fund maturity – achieving very good outcomes for investors.

We became an independent arm of KanAm at the end of 2007. Since then, our range of services has continuously evolved. In recent years, we have achieved further profitable sales for our investors with various investments.

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