Because every institutional investment is unique, we develop completely individual investment programs.

Every aspect of our financial products is tailored to our clients, down to the last detail. We consider every legal, tax, financial and accounting question with precision in order to develop an intelligent investment strategy and a well-structured fund concept – laying the foundation for selecting the right assets to match our specific investment goals.

The real work begins after the investment process: we diligently guide our investments through every stage, always seeking to minimize risk and maximize opportunity. We ensure maximum transparency with precise reporting tailored to investor needs. From the initial concept to a successful exit, EURAMCO is always there.

We always look to areas we consider rich with possibility and in which we have substantial expertise: real estate and renewable energy. Thanks to our own significant market presence, we boast excellent market access. Investors also profit from our exceptional know-how in asset management. Our focus lies on real estate in Germany, Austria, Central Europe, the US and Australia. In renewable energy, we concentrate on solar and wind power.

Professional investors have two equally exciting ways of benefitting from our expertise: by individual mandate or by investing in Special Alternative Investment Funds (Spezial-AIFs). Professionals can now invest in the Solar Wind European Renewable Funds (SWEPP), whose investment assets focus on onshore solar and wind projects in northern and central Europe.


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