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EURAMCO, the Management

Together we shoulder the responsibility: the management of the EURAMCO Group

The EURAMCO Group is internationally active as a fund and asset manager for investments in real assets, with a focus on the promising fields of real estate and renewable energy. Third parties can also benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the form of tailored services for assets, investments and investor management

Offering comprehensive solutions for all aspects of alternative investments is our core competence. We currently manage more than 60 closed-end investment funds in Europe, Australia and the US, with approximately 40,000 private and professional investors. In total, we currently have an investment volume of over €4 billion under management.

Responsible for
Property and asset management
Fund management

Andreas Büttner

Andreas has been a managing director of the EURAMCO Group since 2011 and is responsible for acquisitions and sales, property, fund and asset management, as well as legal aspects. After completing his training as a banker and his law and economics studies, he began his career as an assistant to the chairman of a large insurance company. He moved into the funds world in 1995 and was managing director at an institutional fund syndicator from 1997 to 2003. Andreas Büttner joined KanAm in August 2003 and was appointed managing director in January 2005.

Responsible for
Business development
Marketing and sales
Accounting and controlling
IT, organization and human resources

Jürgen Göbel

Jürgen has been a managing director of the EURAMCO Group since 2008 and is responsible for business development, sales and marketing, accounting and controlling, IT, organization and human resources. After completing his training as a banker and his studies in business administration, he began his career in banking and finance before joining an institutional asset and investment manager in 1997, where he worked in fund and project management. Jürgen Göbel took on a management role at KanAm in August 2003 and was appointed managing director in 2004.

Responsible for
Portfolio management
Structuring of closed-end AIFs
Asset management services

Stefan Pfisterer

Stefan has been a managing director of EURAMCO Invest GmbH since 2011 and is responsible for portfolio management. He holds a diploma in business administration and is a chartered alternative investment analyst and, since joining EURAMCO in 2004, has structured numerous institutional funds that have invested in multiple real estate and renewable energy projects. He was previously  a manager at a state bank and was responsible for a number of cross-border investment financing transactions.

Responsible for
Risik management

Martin Stobinski

Martin has been a managing director of EURAMCO Invest GmbH since 2017 and is responsible for risk management. A trained banker, he began his career working in the financing operations of a major German bank before gaining further experience in controlling. He subsequently assumed significant leadership roles in the area of international project management. Martin is a certified risk manager and was most recently director of the risk management department of an external investment company.

Responsible for
Trustee Services
Investor management
Investor relations (internal and external)

Stefan Mehl

Stefan has been a managing director of BONAVIS Treuhand GmbH since 2005. He is responsible for investor management and investor relations services for the EURAMCO Group and other syndicators. He holds degrees in banking and business administration and has been active in the funds industry since 1994. He began his career as an analyst responsible for analyzing, selecting and advising on closed-end investment funds for a large savings bank. In 1999, he assumed leadership of the customer service division of a leading syndicator, where he was responsible for investor relations and back-office operations.

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