EURAMCO is a reliable and competent partner with expertise spanning the entire spectrum of services surrounding real estate and renewable energy investments.

We apply our extensive expertise to every case and devise an individual investment strategy with each client. We handle the complete acquisition process, from the identification of suitable investment objects and due diligence through to marketing and a potential sale.

Our ongoing fund and asset management is highly respected due to its outstanding quality. Through our international subsidiary offices, we carry out this responsibility for dozens of projects in several European countries, Australia and the US.

Reporting that is tailored to the needs of individual clients goes hand-in-hand with responsible asset management. We use integrated software systems, such as Yardi, to deliver efficient, project-relevant information to clients and investors in the real estate and renewable energy spheres. EURAMCO is one of the few market players boasting highly qualified accounting teams at our German and central European offices. We have also developed comprehensive reporting systems that have been successfully implemented with both private and institutional investors.

At the client’s request, we can also provide locally-based managing directors to work on the project level, closely managing commercial objectives and achieving optimal results. For more than ten years, institutional investors have profited from our expertise in asset, fund and property management. For our institutional investors, we have successfully acted on behalf of more than 40 special purpose vehicles in Germany and abroad.


„Reliable asset management demands extensive expertise.“
Thomas Otter
Head of Fund Management


Applied expertise for the top addresses

The expertise we have acquired through our own investment concepts can benefit clients beyond just those who have invested in our funds.

We offer a variety of complex services from asset, fund, and property management, to accounting and project company management for institutional investors.

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